Prime Time Media Group Honors Long Standing Client: La Mesa RV

Posted: March 26, 2014 in Uncategorized
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In 1981 La Mesa RV, a single location San Diego based RV dealer became a PrimeTime Media Group client. La Mesa RV is now termed a San Diego Based RV GIANT! With PrimeTime Media Group as an agency with the talent, La Mesa RV has become the worlds largest RV dealer with locations in several states across the nation.

Rod Hunter, owner of PrimeTime Media Group, teamed up with La Mesa RV creating dynamic and captivating advertising for the San Diego Based RV giant and the rest is history.

It’s been 32 years and La Mesa RV and PrimeTime Media Group are still a team and still going strong. PrimeTime has created over 40,000 commercials for La Mesa RV over the years and PrimeTime sees no end in sight.

Long term clients make up the majority of PrimeTime Media Group’s business. Certainly 32 years is a great indication of that. Take a look at what this automotive advertising agency can do for you. Find out why clients stay on board for over 10 years.

Visit www.

Here are a couple of examples of Rod Hunter from 1983 and present day, doing what he does best, recreational vehicle and automotive advertising.


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